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BitCoin Payment

Bitcoin is the 100% safe and 100% discreet payment option, instantaneous and completely anonymous.

How does it work?

Its super easy. Simply select the bitcoin payment option when to check out and it will produce your unique payment reference. Use that reference as your receiver’s ID in your bitcoin wallet and send the coins. Done.

I don’t have a Wallet!

No problem. Setting up your 100% secure bitcoin wallet takes less than five minutes, doesn’t require and complicated programs or apps and most importantly its FREE! Simply click here to go through to our recommended wallet provider and follow the steps to set up your account. 


Do i need to put a lot money into my Wallet?

No. As long as there are enough funds to cover the cost of your order with us then you’re good to go. Just think of it like a prepaid credit card.

Shop online with us (or any of the millions of companies worldwide that accept bitcoins) and when you are ready view your cart to see your total.

Use your normal debit, credit card or bank account and buy enough bitcoins to cover the order value with us.

Checkout on our site and generate your bitcoin payment reference.

Send the payment to us in bitcoins from your wallet (don’t worry it will do the conversion for you)