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We ship all our seeds with the restriction that they are not used by third parties to break the law, we do not intend to induce anyone to act against the law.

With this we explicitly note that anyone buying our seeds is responsible for their future actions.

The descriptions of these have been taken from books written in countries where laws do not forbid the use of certain substances (such as parts of the United States, Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal and Italy) This means that some descriptions make allusions to its effects after consumption, but IN NO CASE does this mean you can consume them. It is merely informative, since these products are sold only for medical and therapeutic purposes, botanical students, naturalists, collectors, as souvenirs, etc.

If used for human consumption it shall always be under the sole responsibility of the buyer. The company assumes no responsibility in this respect.

Unfortunately, the laws regarding the exportation of cannabis seeds often differ from country to country. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you ask about the regulations that apply in your country and that you comply with the law.

It is forbidden to purchase these products from countries where cannabis seeds are prohibited by law.

However, if a purchaser in a country not mentioned above buys these products without first having informed themselves about local laws in this regard, the company declines all responsibility for possible legal problems derived thereof and will not refund materials stopped or rejected by customs in the fulfillment of their duty.

OgMi Farms advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. OgMi Farms cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality.

OgMi Farms contains information regarding suggested medical benefits of cannabis and the compounds that naturally occur within. However this information should not be viewed as medical advice and should not be taken as such. Any information given regarding the medical efficiency of any products sold on www.ogmifarmseeds.com are not made as medical claims and are solely stated as opinion.

This includes any specific implied relationships of marijuana strains to medical conditions including, but not exclusive to:

  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Anorexia

Any information given on this site that contains any such claims will be reproduced citing specific research from where this information was initially published and is not the opinion of the site directly but is only done so to provide academic information. It is not given as direct medical advice or proven findings on specific medical conditions. Any such information should only be used entirely at the users own risk and ogmifarmseeds.com is in no way liable for the actions of any person as a result of visiting the website or reading this information.

Although every care is taken by us, to ensure information is up to date, the nature of medical knowledge can change rapidly thus causing some content of this site to potentially become out of date or even erroneous. It is the responsibility of any visitor to the site to conduct their own research and should consult a fully trained medical professional before following any course of action. ogmifarmseeds.com will not be held liable for any individual who acts outside the law of their own country or who purchases any product with a view to use it for any purpose other than the souvenir collection of cannabis seeds.