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Free Cannabis Seeds

The only place in the world to offer FREE Cannabis Seeds without making other purchases!

Cultivating a better world is a two-way relationship. In NO way, does OgMi Farm Seeds want to ‘trick’ people out of their money. We do our part, in offering the best premium cannabis seed strains at NO charge to eager weed growers or beginners and have already sent thousands to many of our members from USA and Canada.

Get your free sample of: Pluto diesel #2 (10-20) Regular

All we ask is that you cover the expenses to send them to you. That’s it. Plain and simple.

  • USA: 5$
  • CA: 10$

Ready for the simplest instructions ever?

  1. Register with your name and address on our website and manage your shipping and billing addresses !
  2. After that, please join our Discord server and contact one of the Admins for verification:
    we need your Username & Email
  3. Pay for the postage by Cash app, or credit card! (we will ask for that on Discord)
  4. Once you have started growing your Plants, apply on our Photo Contest and win another exclusive private cross. (Not absolutely necessary.)

Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive the postage payment, so you can start growing your own homegrown!