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New Breeder Application

Start selling your Cannabis Seeds with us, manage your products, prices, stocks and get your own store listed on our platform as Vendor, but before you can start, please follow some instructions:

How can i start selling Seeds on OgMi Farm Seeds?

  • Vendors who sign up have better success on our marketplace as they receive advertising such as having products shared on our social media and mailing list.

What can i sell?

  • We allow our vendors to primarily sell Cannabis seeds, as that is all we really are intended for.

How do i get paid for my orders?

  • When a customer orders through our website using a debit/credit card/cash app or bitcoin, the payment is processed through our payment service and can be paid out to your connected account usually between 2-5 days on average. We require vendors to connect with our payment service (Which is disclosed when registering as a vendor) to receive payouts automatically, as we are unallowed to send funds any other way. When customers pay with a card, there will be a 15% plus 3.8% per transaction fee which is deducted from the orders total. Being able to process card payments allows our customers to have an easy and frustration free checkout which will make clients more likely to shop with us.

What does OgMi Farms prohibit vendors from selling?

  • Products that contain THC, such as flower, concentrates, consumables, etc should NEVER be listed on our marketplace. Other products that contain legal or illegal substances intended for producing a high will also NOT be allowed. Products that are not Cannabis seeds, should always be requested to be listed on our website before doing so. Failure to follow these rules may result in account termination.

Does OgMi Farms allow drop shipping?

  • Vendors are required to have seeds that they intend to sell, as we do not offer seeds for vendors to sell. When a customer orders a product that you have listed, you will receive an email notifying you of the order which includes the customers info and what they had purchased from you.  Vendors are fully responsible for handling the shipping of the order, and once the order has been shipped you can mark the order as complete and supply the customer with the tracking number (if applicable) through the vendor dashboard.

Customer asks for refund/return?

  • OgMi Farms is not responsible for handling customer refunds or returns on orders which have already been shipped by a vendor unless protected by route shipping insurance. If a customer requests a refund before the order has been shipped (or marked as complete) then we may issue a refund at their request. If the order has already been shipped and the customer requests a refund or return, the request will be solely your decision as OgMi Farms LLC will not be responsible.

When should i ship out customers order?

  • We strongly suggest that orders are shipped out within 1-3 days after the order was received. Doing so will increase the likely hood of making the customer buy from you again. If for some reason you cannot do so within 1-3 days, please email contact@ogmifarmseeds.com first before contacting the vendor directly.

I am unable to fulfill customers order!

  • If you are unable to fulfill the order due to the customers location or do not have the item in stock, please contact contact@ogmifarmseeds.com so that we can contact the customer as well as issue out a refund.

Before you apply, send us please some informations about yourself vor verification!

You can sign up to become a vendor by clicking here.